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With a full suite of desktop and mobile apps SatQuote is software for mapping, designing, estimating, and collaborating with customers and teammates.

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Property Mapping
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High-Resolution Imagery provides access to seasonal visuals and improved resolution, enabling measurements in freehand, point, or shape mode. Design PDFs or drone images can be uploaded for swift measurement of lawns, trees, buildings, and hard surfaces using AI-enhanced measuring techniques.

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High-Resolution Nearmap Imagery

Utilizing high-resolution aerial imagery and advanced measuring tools, precise property measurements are provided, eliminating time-consuming on-site visits.

Measuring Tools

The precision of freehand, point, and shape drawing tools makes swift and efficient measurement of a property's area, perimeter, or volume readily attainable.

PDF & Drone Overlays

Design PDFs can be uploaded and overlaid, with the ability to adjust opacity, scale, and rotate the images as needed.

Lot Lines & Owner Info

Effortlessly and intelligently, the tool automatically showcases vital property details, encompassing property lines, lot size, and owner information.

AI enhanced measuring

AI measurements swiftly gauges property attributes, including lawns, buildings, driveways, roadways, and other resources.

Photos, Notes, and Label

Photos, detailed notes, and labels can be seamlessly incorporated to facilitate feedback or communication between the parties involved.

Sharing & Collaboration Tools

A shareable map magic link for the property under consideration is provided, simplifying sharing through email or SMS.

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Property Mapping

Measure faster & more accurately from any location

The SatMeasure suite of tools provides parcel information, updated aerial imagery, and AI-generated measurements. Measurement tools allow refinement of areas and subareas for accurate property information for every job. 

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Estimate, Collaborate And Accept Payments


Effortlessly generate accurate estimates, collaborate seamlessly, and conveniently process payments all within one streamlined platform. Experience a comprehensive solution that empowers your entire workflow.

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QuickBooks integration

Effortlessly incorporate QuickBooks into the platform, enabling a seamless two-way synchronization of customers, items, estimates, and payments, ensuring uninterrupted data flow. 

Job Costing

Eliminate estimation uncertainty by employing exact measurements, as the system autonomously generates precise projections derived from the project's map, simplifying cost management.

Job Acceptance & Payment

Streamline project milestones and deposits through an intuitive system that facilitates online payments and approvals, ensuring seamless adherence to budgets and schedules for both parties involved.

Customer Feedback

Elevate customer communication by distributing estimates via SMS, email, or magic links, enabling customer annotations, photo exchange, and notes to foster effective teamwork.

Website Lead Form(s)

Elevate your business by integrating lead forms on your website, enabling prospective clients to effortlessly seek estimates and unlocking pathways to fresh possibilities.

Design Tools

Empower customers to envision estimates through the utilization of an extensive item library, while the map legend guarantees clarity by exhibiting item quantities and dimensions.

Syncs with QuickBooks Online


Create a two-way sync for items, customers, and estimates. Build efficiency and ease by extending Quickbooks with SatQuote.

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