Affordable High Resolution Property Imagery for Accurate Measurements

Accurate property measurement tool: Measure, estimate, and price any property with high-resolution imagery for just $0.50 per acre. Get detailed and recent visuals to make confident property estimates.

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Scout Properties Accurately with High-Resolution Imagery

High-Resolution Imagery: Get the Most Accurate and Up-to-Date Property Images

Our high-resolution property imagery provides the latest and most accurate visuals. Enjoy leaf-off imagery for clear views and perspectives from all four cardinal directions. Perfect for estimators and business owners to make precise and confident property measurements.

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  • Most Recent Imagery Available

  • Leaf-Off Imagery for Clear Views

  • View Property from All Cardinal Directions

  • Accurate Measurements

  • Confidence in Estimates

How to Use Our Property Measurement Tool

To use our property measurement tool, simply enter the property address, confirm the boundary for the high-resolution imagery, and review and purchase the imagery for only $0.50 per acre. It's easy to get the detailed visuals needed for accurate property measurements and pricing.

Start Measuring Properties Accurately with High-Resolution Imagery

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“This is more than and app, it’s really a solution platform that we developed because there’s a lot of folks out there that want to manage their outdoor businesses in a more efficient and effective manner.”

— Drew Wagner, CEO

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