Snow Removal

SatQuote is a software that can help with residential or commercial snow removal quoting. If you have a large business complex or just a single family home, you can get the measurements you need to properly estimate your services. Measure paved areas, sidewalks, gated areas, and areas that require pulling the snow back. View historical images to see where snow was piled up in the past or use our drawing tools to identify where you plan to move the snow for the customer. SatQuote has the tools you need to properly estimate out a snow removal job, and can consolidate it into a professional proposal that will win more jobs!

Top Features for Snow Removal


Get accurate measurements of areas, volume, and perimeter on a jobsite prior to stepping foot on the property.

Improved Imagery

Use high resolution imagery to get closer detail and select the date of image that makes the most sense for you. Only pay for what you need.

Notes & Photos

When making a site visit, organize your photos and notes and attach them to your quote to review.

Project Profitability

With the ability to add in material and labor cost estimates we can help track estimated profitability to ensure you properly price your jobs.

SatQuote Quote

SatQuote Creates

Proposals that Win.

Show exactly what will be done and where. Use your measurements, photos and notes to create stunning and professional quotes to be downloaded, emailed or texted to your clients.

  • Price for profitability with real-time cost estimates

  • Create proposals in minutes, not hours

  • Add recurring or one-time items to your quote

  • Instantly create take-off lists for every job

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