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Accessing High-Resolution Imagery and AI Measurements

High-Resolution Imagery and AI Enhanced Measuring allows users access to up-to-date images with potentially multiple dates to choose from and the ability to automatically and immediately identify surface types which can be converted to Areas and Subareas.

This article with provide instructions on how to access these features and step through some of the key components to help map and measure a property with ease.

Satquote Highresolution Ai

Setting a Property Boundary

The first step in accessing High-Resolution Imagery and AI Measurements is to draw the property boundary.

The system will either prompt you to set your boundary as soon as you start measuring or if not active, click the "HIRES/AI BOUNDARY" button inside the High-Res Imagery & AI box in the top right of the map screen.

To set the boundary, click on the map around the property border. Each click will place a point on the map and a connected dotted line will be present to assist in placing of the boundary. As points are selected, the blue boxed tiles will highlight. Each tile is 1/4 acre.

Once you have finished setting the boundary around the property, click the "Set Boundary" button in the top left Mode box.

Satquote Set Boundary

High-Resolution Imagery

Once the property boundary is set and the purchase for this access is completed, the high-resolution imagery will download immediately and default to the latest survey date available.

Survey Dates

Access to all available dates are available with this feature. Click the Survey Date drop down to view and select any available survey date.

Imagery Views

Optional views are available, defaulting to the "Vert" or vertical view, where you can create and manage Areas and Subareas. Other choices are a slightly Panoramic angled view from N, W, E, and S or a "TrueOrtho" view combining all panoramic options. You can also deselect to view the original Google Maps imagery.

Satquote Highres

AI Enhanced Measurements

AI Enhanced Measurements are now available with access to high-resolution imagery. From the AI Resource drop down in the top right box, there are many types of property resources that will automatically identify the area and calculate area and perimeter. Select as many as needed and remove a selected resource by unchecking in the drop down or clicking the 'x' next to that selection when the drop down is not expanded.

Examples of surface types you can access through the AI Resources are Lawn Grass, Natural Pervious Surface, Hard Surface, Asphalt, Roofs, and many more.

Selecting these AI Resources immediately shows on the map where you can convert to Areas and Subareas to further map out the property by clicking "Convert AI" just under those selected in that same top right box.

Satquote Ai Resources
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