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Accessing High-Resolution Imagery and AI Measurements


To add high resolution imagery or AI measurements to your property, click the PURCHASE IMAGERY AND AI button located at the bottom left of the map.

Setting Property Boundary

After clicking the PURCHASE IMAGERY AND AI button, the Auto AI window will appear. By default, the Property Boundary section is open and active as the Parcel has already been confirmed in your property confirmation step. You can still go back to the Parcel(s) section if you want to add neighboring properties to your imagery or AI purchase.


The Property Boundary is a key step as this defines the area for which you want to see high resolution imagery and procure AI measurements. The boundary automatically defaults to the property parcel boundary.

To Edit the Property Boundary you can:

  1. Move the existing points to the desire location

  2. Select CLEAR POINTS at the bottom of your screen and draw the boundary from scratch


Once you set the boundary, click the CONFIRM BOUNDARY button to proceed.

Purchase Imagery

In the Purchase Imagery section, you can choose between Most Recent Image ($0.50 / acre) or All images ($1.50 acre).


After selecting the preferred image purchase option, click the PURCHASE button. A Confirmation dialog box will appear, click Yes.


You can now select between High-Res or Google Satellite imagery. 

If you purchased the Most Recent Image, you still have the opportunity to purchase the remaining imagery by clicking PURCHASE ALL IMAGERY in the top left.


If you are satisfied with the imagery, click the CONFIRM IMAGERY button.

AI Features

After confirming the Imagery section, you will be directed to the AI section. This section enables you to analyze and map layers of the property (e.g. lawns, hard surface, beds, etc.).

You have the option to skip this section by clicking the SKIP button if you do not need to purchase AI measurements. To use this feature, find the Purchase AI Features panel in the top left, review the data and pricing ($0.50 / acre), and click the PURCHASE button.


A Confirmation dialog box will appear, click YES to proceed. 


This will enable the Select AI Features panel.

In this step, you are given the ability to select which AI measurements you want to include in your quote or property measurement. Look at each layer individually to see which measurements will be the most helpful. 


Tip: Natural Pervious Surface includes lawn, beds, bushes, trees, and more! This can be a very helpful layer for lawn and landscaping measurements. 

The layers you select will be converted to editable areas on the map that you can work with. Select the Checkbox of the features that you want to convert to editable areas, then click the CONVERT AI TO AREAS button. 

Note: Converting all AI features to areas can make the map crowded so it is often best to select only the areas you need for measuring.

Now that you have completed the purchase process, let’s show you how you can change your imagery and AI measurements from within the map!

Map Options Overview

The Map Options Menu, shown at the bottom of the map, includes all of the information and tools you need to change and use your map effectively.


Purchase Button

The Purchase button will allow you to return to the checkout process if you need to add high resolution imagery or AI to your measurement


Imagery Dropdown

The Imagery drop-down menu allows you to toggle between your imagery options and can include (based on purchases) the following:

  • Satellite - Standard Google Imagery

  • SuperZoom - Allows for enhanced zooming

  • Hybrid - Shows street names and business locations

  • High-Res  - High Resolution Imagery available for purchase ($0.50 / acre for 1 or $1.50 / acre for all images)

  • Panoramic (North, South, East, West) - Allows you to view the property from the 4 different cardinal directions (only available if purchasing ALL imagery)


Survey Date

The Survey Date drop-down menu displays the available survey date options. Multiple Survey dates will only be available if you have purchased ALL imagery.


AI Layer Selection

The AI Layer selection panel displays the layers that you can select to add as editable areas. By selecting the Checkbox for an AI layer, you can preview that layer on the map and choose to add it to your measurements by selecting CONVERT AI at the bottom of the menu.

Selecting RESET AI will remove all of the measurements which were created from AI layers and allow you to start over (this will not cancel your purchase, but simply removes information from the map)

Enable/Disable Parcel

The Parcel Toggle lets you enable/disable the Parcel lines


Map Options

The Map Options lets you select/deselect which items should be visible on the map (e.g. area labels, general labels, areas, etc.).


Google Street View [New]

Clicking the Street View button will open a new tab displaying the Google Map’s Street view.

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