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Add-On Balance (previously Credits)

Credits in SatQuote are designated by a dollar value and used for property searches, high-resolution imagery, and AI.

For the SatMeasure, SatMeasure+, and SatQuote plans (excludes Free plan), you get 250 property searches free per month. Overage will deduct $0.03 / property from your Credit/Balance pool.

High-Resolution Imagery & AI Measurements

Access to High-Resolution Images and the AI Measurement feature costs the following:

  • Up to 1 acre = $2.00
  • Over 1 acre begins per 1/4 acre (1 tile) = $0.50

When identifying the boundary of the property you want to measure, the map will identify the number of tiles needed. Each tile is equal to 1/4 acre. Imagery and AI polygons for all available survey dates of highlighted tile areas will be included.

See Accessing High-Resolution Imagery and AI Enhanced Measuring.

Adding Funds

If you do not have a balance or need to add funds, login to your account and navigate to Account > Subscription. Under "Add-on Balance" is an Add Funds button.

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