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Adding a New Customer

Where to Add a New Customer

There are a few ways in which to add new customers. 

Creating a New Quote

When initially creating a new quote, once you have entered the property address there is a Customer Info section where you can either select an existing customer or add a new customer record. 

Customer Management Screen

This is located from the main navigation on the left side of the application labeled "Customers".

This gives you access to a listing of all customers with the ability to add new customers using the "+ Create Customer" button. 

From this same location you can upload your existing customer base using a CSV. Buy clicking the "Import From CSV" button, it will step you through the process and provide a sample file for formatting. 

Dashboard Customers Widget

On the Dashboard a Customers widget is displayed that shows a listing of the most recently access customers, as well as a button to "Create Customer".

QuickBooks Online Integration

If using QBO, the full SatQuote Plan features a 2-way sync integration with QBO. Once connected, this allows an import of existing customers and will then sync all new updates and new customers between the two. 

Adding a New Customer Record

Customer Info

If adding a customer directly from a Quote, the system will display a popup with the main fields needed: name, email, company, and phone.

Satquote Customer Info Create New

Customer Profile

If accessing a customer record outside of a quote either by the dashboard or customer management screen, the full profile will be available with additional information such as first and last name, display name, billing address, service addresses, notes, etc. 

Satquote Create Customer Full Profile
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