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Create a New Quote: Address Lookup and Customer Information

Once you have clicked on a Create Quote button it will take you to a prompt to "Enter Your Address to Start Measuring".

Satquote Enter Address To Start Measuring Prompt

Enter Address

The first step is to enter and find the address. Start by typing in the address and select from the results to choose the location. This search is powered by Google.

If it is a new property or construction, the address may not yet be registered in Google. If that is the case, search for the closest address, move the marker to the correct location, and update the Display Address (see Updating the Display Address).

The Free Plan has 10 property searches per month with a maximum of 60 lifetime and all Paid Plans have 250 free searches per month.

Start Measuring Or Add Customer Info

Once the address is located, either start measuring immediately or add customer information.

Start Measuring Options

Before measuring there are two options: HighRes+AI or None.

  • High-Res+AI provides you access to purchase and download high-resolution imagery and use AI to automatically identify surface area types and convert to areas. (see Accessing High-Resolution Imagery and AI Measurements)
  • None will only give you Google Maps imagery, with the option to still choose high-res+AI later. To begin measuring without AI, manually draw areas using the features of freehand, point & click, rectangle, or circle (see Getting Started: Measuring). 

Customer Information

Either search for an existing customer, add a new customer, or proceed without adding customer information.

  • Add an Existing Customer:
    • Begin typing in the customer field to search and select an existing customer profile.
  • Create a New Customer:
    • Click in the customer field and select "Create New" to add a new customer record.  (see Adding a New Customer)
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