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Measuring Overview

This guide covers the following measuring topics:

  • Creating a new measurement (SatMeasure/SatMeasure+) or quote (SatQuote)
  • Understanding, creating, and editing Areas & Sub Areas
  • SubArea cutouts and colors
  • Viewing and editing measurements
  • Map View Settings and Toolbar
  • Using birds eye angled views
  • Purchasing and viewing high-resolution imagery
  • Using Photos and Notes

Creating a New Measurement

  1. Ensure that you are logged in to your SatQuote account.
    Click the Create Quote button. A dialog box will appear, enter the customer’s address.
  2. Note: as you enter the customer’s address, the system will display potential addresses to autocomplete it for you. If you find the right address from the suggestion, click it to select.

3. Once you enter the customer’s address, it will appear on the map. Proceed to the next step by clicking the CONFIRM button.

      • Note: each address search costs 1 credit. You can track credit consumption on your Subscriptions page under Profile, that can be accessed in the top right.

You will be directed to the MAP JOB screen. On this screen, you can start drawing anywhere on the map.


When opening a quote, the top left of the map shows the mode that you are in (e.g. Drawing Mode, Viewing Mode) and the selected Area (Active) that you are drawing (e.g. Lawn, Beds, etc.). This will default to Drawing Mode when creating a new quote.

After placing your first point, the distance guide will display the distance to the next point.


To move a point, click and drag it to the preferred location.

To remove a point, Right Click on it or use the UNDO button in the Toolbar.

If you want to add a new point between two points, click on the two points you want to add the new point between in succession and you will see the guides appear between the points to place a new one.


Areas are a grouping of SubAreas. SatQuote lets you see measurements for Areas and SubAreas. Your quote will default to the standard area template, but this can be customized within your account settings.


To create additional areas, click the + Area button in the Toolbar or Right Click on the Map and select Create Area

Create Area

Area Settings can be accessed through the Edit Area (Gear) icon. It is important to note that changing an Area setting will apply to all SubAreas. If you intend to update a subarea, be sure to edit that subarea instead of the area where it belonged to.


Area Settings can be accessed through the Edit Area (Gear) icon. It is important to note that changing an Area setting will apply to all SubAreas. If you intend to update a subarea, be sure to edit that subarea instead of the area where it belonged to.





Area Name*PerimeterText Color
ColorAreaText Size
OpacityVolumeBackground Color
 Include Cutout Edges in PerimeterBackground Opacity
 Display Segment LengthsBorder Color
  Border Width

After updating the area settings, ensure to click the SAVE AREA button to apply the changes.


You can also delete the area in the Edit Area window by clicking the DELETE button.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: deleting the Area will delete all SubAreas under it.


SubAreas can be added to include the same item but on another area of the map. The measurement of these sub areas will be summed up and will be displayed as the area measurement.


To add a subarea, click the Area where you want to add the subarea to and click the + SUBAREA button. Alternatively you can Right Click on the map and select Create Subarea.


After creating the subarea, you can draw on the map just like adding an item/area.

SubArea Settings can be accessed through the Edit SubArea (Gear) icon. It is important to note that changing a SubArea setting will apply only to this SubArea.


SubArea Settings includes the following:





Area*PerimeterText Color
SubArea Name*AreaText Size
ColorVolumeBackground Color
OpacityInclude Cutout Edges in PerimeterBackground Opacity
 Display Segment LengthsBorder Color
  Border Width

After updating the subarea settings, ensure to click the SAVE SUBAREA button to apply the changes.


You can also delete the subarea in the Edit SubArea window by clicking the DELETE button.

SubArea Cutouts

Cutouts allow you to exclude items you do not want to count toward measurements such as beds, junction boxes, or driveways.


To use this option follow the steps below:

  1. On the Toolbar, click the Cutout button.
    • Note: alternatively, you can Right click on an active SubArea.

2. The Map Pane will enable the Cutout Drawing Mode. You can now draw the area/subarea that you want to cut out.


Cutout points are Red and by default, cutouts are not included in perimeter calculations. You can tell if it is included or excluded by whether the line is SOLID (Included) or DASHED (excluded).


To change this, click the Edit SubArea (Gear) icon and go to the MEASUREMENTS tab. Verify if the Include cutouts in area calculations is toggle on/off. To create a new cutout, simply click the Cutout button again and follow the same steps.

Viewing & Editing Measurements

The measurement totals for all of your created Areas and SubAreas are displayed in the left measurement menu.


To update the measurements that appear on this menu, click the Edit Area (Gear) icon to access the Edit Area window. Once the window appears, click the MEASUREMENTS tab and update the measurement types, units of measurement, and volume depth. Available measurement types are as follows:

  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Volume

Choosing the primary measurement type will determine which one will be highlighted in the Left menu and measurement appears in the SubArea label.


Map View Settings and Toolbar

The Map Toolbar is at the Left side of the map pane while the Map View Setting toggles are at the bottom of the map pane as well as the imagery selection.


The map toolbar contains tools for measuring while the view setting toggles allow you to choose what you want to see on the map. The imagery selection on the other hand allows you to purchase high-resolution imagery, toggle the imagery product that is active ( e.g. Google or Dated High-Res), toggle and view parcel data, and open Street View in a new Window.

View Settings Toggles


View Settings


Area Labels

Toggles whether to display subarea labels on the map screen.

General Labels

Toggles whether to display general labels placed on the map screen.


Toggles whether to display inactive SubAreas on the map pane (the active sub area will always display).


Toggles whether to display segment lengths that are activated on the map screen.


Toggles whether to display design items on the map screen.


Toggles whether to display the design items' legend on the map screen.


Toggles whether to display photo icons on the map for images that are geotagged.


Toggles whether to display site plans or drone images which have been uploaded to the map screen.


Toggles whether to display customer feedback if it has been provided.


Toggles whether to display the toolbar and imagery selection elements on the map pane.


Toggles whether guides will display when placing points in Draw Mode.

Map Toolbar


Map Toolbar



Revert or undo previous action.


Opens the Edit menu for currently selected SubArea.


Deletes the selected SubArea.


Creates a new cutout for the currently selected SubArea.


Opens the Clone wizard for the currently selected SubArea.


Opens the Move wizard for the currently selected SubArea. This tool can also move an Area or All SubAreas from the menu.


Opens the Photos menu to view, upload, and place Photos on the map.


Opens Notes menu to create and edit notes for the Quote or Area. This tool also allows viewing of Photos for the Quote or Area.


Opens the Label wizard for placing a general label on the map. To use click to place and then edit settings.


Opens Ruler Mode. To use, click a point to start and see the distance as you move the mouse. Each click resets the ruler.

Exclude Segment

Opens the Segment Exclusion Mode to toggle whether a segment is included or excluded from the perimeter measurements.


Dashed Line = Excluded

Solid Line = Included


Click on the SubArea Label i icon to include or exclude all segments.

Show Segment

Opens the Show Segment Length mode. To use, click a segment to toggle whether to display its length on the map. Click the SubArea Label i icon to show or hide all segment lengths.


Removes points by circling (lasso-like motion) the points to remove.


Removes multiple points faster than manually removing each point. Click a Start and End point and all points between them will be deleted.


Joins two subareas into one. Connect two points on Subarea 1 to Subarea 2.

Bird’s Eye Angled View

Birds’ eye angled views can help you see under trees and shadows. The Bird’s Eye View is only available when viewing Google Satellite imagery. Entering this mode will add two rotation controls you can use to change the view direction from North, South, East, and West. In Bird’s Eye View, you can draw on the map but you cannot place a new point between to placed points or see placed Designs from Design mode because of an API constraint from Google.


Note: Birds Eye angled views are not available for all addresses.

To use this feature, click the icon with Four Squares located above the Map Zoom controls. After enabling the Bird’s Eye View, more options will be available. To tilt the map to right, click the Rotate Map Clockwise icon. To tilt left, use the Rotate Map Counterclockwise icon.


To exit the view, click the Four Squares icon again to return to the Vertical view.

Map Photos and Notes

Photos sent by customers or taken on-site can help create more accurate measurements and see what is beneath trees and shadows on some properties. Photos and notes can be added using the Photos and Notes buttons in the Toolbar or by selecting a SubArea in the left menu and selecting the Photos or Notes options.


Images can be uploaded from your computer or uploaded and taken in real time on tablets and mobile devices. Once you add a photo, you can specify its location on the map and a Camera icon will be visible that is clickable to view the photo and its notes.


Saving and Exporting

To save the measurement or the entire quote, simply click the SAVE button.


To export what you are working on, you can click the SHARE button and select the relevant option:

  • Download Quote
  • Download Map
  • Export CSV
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