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Starting New Measurements and Quotes

First Login Prompt


When you login for the first time to SatMeasure or SatQuote you will be prompted immediately to create a quote. A series of Guided steps are available to prompt you through creating your first measurement, adding your first design items, and building out your first quote. This guide is always available for reference. Depending on your subscription tier, you may have limited access to certain design and quoting features.

Create Quote Buttons

Once you are in the application and are ready to create a new Measurement or Quote, there will be a few ways you can do this. The easiest is to click on the "Create Quote" button at the top of the page. This button will always be available throughout the application. Even if all you need to do is Measure an area, this will still be the first step in creating that measurement.

SatQuote Create Quote Button


After you have logged in for the first time and created your first quote, you will then be taken to a dashboard with widgets listing the most recently accessed quotes, customers, and more.

From the Quotes widget there is a Create Quote button at the top right of that box.

Satquote Dashboard Recent Quotes Create Quote Button

Quotes Listing

If you are browsing or searching under the Quotes listing accessed via the Sidebar Navigation, there is another "Create Quote" button at the top right of that screen.

Satquote Create Quote Button Listing

Enter a location

Once you have clicked the "Create Quote" button, there will be a box where you will enter an address. After the address is entered, the property will pull up and you can begin measuring. 

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