Property Measurement

Measuring properties has never been easier. SatMeasure provides high-resolution images, AI generated areas, and a multitude of measurement tools to precisely and efficiently estimate jobs.

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Measurement Features

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Explore the features included in our measurement software. Advanced tools provide the ability to measure jobs from any location, saving time and travel expenses. Share maps to collaborate with customers and gain feedback directly through the application.

Property Mapping LP2

High-Resolution Nearmap Imagery

Utilizing high-resolution aerial imagery and advanced measuring tools, precise property measurements are provided, eliminating time-consuming on-site visits.

Measuring Tools

The precision of freehand, point, and shape drawing tools makes swift and efficient measurement of a property's area, perimeter, or volume readily attainable.

PDF & Drone Overlays

Design PDFs can be uploaded and overlaid, with the ability to adjust opacity, scale, and rotate the images as needed.

AI enhanced measuring

AI measurements swiftly gauges property attributes, including lawns, buildings, driveways, roadways, and other resources.

Sharing & Collaboration Tools

A shareable map magic link for the property under consideration is provided, simplifying sharing through email or SMS.

Lot Lines & Owner Info

Effortlessly and intelligently, the tool automatically showcases vital property details, encompassing property lines, lot size, and owner information.

Photos, Notes, and Label

Photos, detailed notes, and labels can be seamlessly incorporated to facilitate feedback or communication between the parties involved.

See SatQuote's Measurement Features in Action

Learn more about the many tools available with our SatMeasure and SatQuote plans.

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“This is more than and app, it’s really a solution platform that we developed because there’s a lot of folks out there that want to manage their outdoor businesses in a more efficient and effective manner.”

— Drew Wagner, CEO

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