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Using Measuring and Quoting Landscape Business Software to Win More Jobs

Managing a landscape company isn’t easy. There are people to manage, work to complete, and customers to keep happy. Whether you are a single operator or manage multiple crews, the software you choose plays a vital role in cost management, efficiency, and profitability.

Traditional pen-and-paper processes are outdated—information is unorganized and communication across the organization is scattered. What if there was a way to keep information organized, streamline your processes, and keep everyone on the same page?

SatQuoteTM SaaS platform and mobile application are designed to help landscape companies streamline the process of managing leads, accurately measuring properties, estimating labor and materials needs, and creating high-quality quotes that sell.

With SatQuote, your business will win more jobs and turn around quotes faster with remote measurement and quoting tools. Whether your company works in landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow removal, mosquito/pest control, irrigation or hardscaping, SatQuote can manage everything your business needs to price and sell more efficiently in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for desktop and mobile.

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Landscaper Estimating Software

If you own a landscape or hardscape business, SatQuote gives you the tools required to measure and design clients’ projects. SatQuote gives you property intelligence data, AI measuring, a customizable design library, and quoting tools to turn around accurate estimates fast.

High-resolution imagery and AI let you measure and design remotely before a client consultation so you show up prepared and ready to close the deal. Add design elements like trees, shrubs and more to bring your creative vision to life, and use our mobile app to attach photos or notes while onsite.

Finally, with the ability to add in material and labor cost estimates, SatQuote can track estimated profitability to ensure the job is priced right and you know your costs. With SatQuote’s built-in proposal generator, you can stand out from your competitors with a professional quote ready to email, print, or text your clients for their approval and our Quickbooks Online sync and APIs can transfer your estimates into your accounting platform seamlessly.

Use SatQuote for Paving Projects

Paving companies can identify all the paved areas on a property and measure to gauge material quantities required for a project with up-to-date high-resolution NearMap aerial imagery. Use our conversion factors to auto-calculate how much of each product is needed based on area or volume. With SatQuote’s pre-built proposal templates, you can add all these measurements, designs, photos, and notes to create a custom professional quote for your prospective customers.

Learn more about how you can use SatQuote for paving projects here.

SatQuote for Sod Installation

Sod installation projects can leverage the power of SatQuote to reduce waste and save money by knowing exactly how much sod is needed for the project. With up-to-date imagery, AI measuring, and multiple birds’ eye angles to see around shadows and trees, you can get the measurements you need to quote jobs fast. The built-in design suite allows you to add visuals of grass, mulch, and other design elements to create a professional-looking proposal.

Auto-calculate how many pallets of sod are needed for your installation jobs with SatQuote conversion factors and use SatQuote to estimate project profitability.

SatQuote for Lawn Maintenance Companies

Time is money for lawn maintenance companies and SatQuote will help save your team time and turn around estimates fast with our remote measurement and quoting tools. Finally, you can distinguish between recurring or one-time line items on your quote to demonstrate what will be completed at each service visit for your customer.

Learn more about using SatQuote for lawn care services here.

How to Estimate Chemical and Labor Needs for Lawn Spray Companies

SatQuote can be especially useful for services that require chemical applications. With SatQuote’s aerial imagery, your business can measure properties and use our conversion factors to estimate labor and chemical needed for pest control and mosquito control services.

Our conversion factors calculator helps you estimate materials needed and project profitability by associating spray rates with areas. Add recurring or one-time services to create a professional quote that helps you win more jobs.

SatQuote for Pool Installation Companies

With SatQuote, you can use the design suit to visualize pool installation projects with precise accuracy. Add photos/notes to create a professional proposal and win more jobs. Learn more.

How to Gauge pressure washing project complexity and costing 

Easily measure paved and other hard surfaces that require pressure washing along with the house’s perimeter or fence to estimate project complexity and cost automatically with SatMeasure AI. While on-site, easily call out specific areas with photos and notes to attach to your proposals as needed.

Add services and products to the quote to get a fully detailed out plan that all feeds your proposal to email, print or text to your customer that helps you win more jobs.

Distinguish between recurring or one-time line items on your quote to demonstrate what will be completed at each service visit for your customer.

SatQuote for Snow removal

SatQuote is a software that can help with residential or commercial snow removal quoting and services. Measure paved areas, sidewalks, gated areas and areas that require pulling the snow back. View historical images to see where snow was piled up in the past or use our drawing tools to identify where you plan to move the snow for the customer. SatQuote has the tools you need to properly estimate out a snow removal job and can consolidate it into a professional proposal that will win more jobs!

Each outdoor service can use SatQuote’s measuring and quoting software to tailor individual project needs and create detailed, professional proposals that win more jobs. Illustrate exactly what will be done and where with measurements, the design suite, photos and notes to create stunning and professional quotes to be downloaded, emailed or texted to your clients.

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