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How Landscapers Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Their Businesses

AI, short for artificial intelligence, is more popular now than ever. Across the board, AI serves to increase efficiency in older processes, and provide accurate, usable data with the use of advanced algorithms and computing improvements. Regardless of which industry it’s used in, it’s clear that artificial intelligence is shaping the future of technology everywhere and the landscape industry is no exception.

With AI, landscape businesses can quickly gain valuable data and imagery, share accurate information with clients and the team, and as a result, streamline what used to be pen-and-paper processes to spend time more efficiently and successfully complete a job. SatQuote’sTM AI offers many advanced features landscape businesses can use with its simple-to-use and easy-to-learn platform.

Why should landscapers use AI?

AI can be a really useful tool for those who work in the landscape industry. Traditional pen-and-paper processes take a lot longer and oftentimes, information becomes disorganized or even lost. AI landscape software streamlines processes, keeps information and data organized, and allows your team to access information quickly.

AI can help landscape companies by:

  • Increasing the use of accurate imagery and data
  • Doing more work with less time needed
  • Providing more opportunities to win jobs, outbid the competition and create professional-looking proposals.
  • Help set pricing for various jobs
How SatQuote AI works for landscape businesses

Save time and focus on other important tasks

We all know time is money. AI can quickly and effortlessly survey properties and provide useful data to businesses. SatQuote’s AI features can provide your team with the information needed before the start of a new project.

Access data like square footage and other measurements to quickly find out how much material will be needed to complete a job. Get an idea of what a job site will look like ahead of time so proper preparations can be made with SatQuote’s high-resolution imagery. Take note of other landscape features like trees, bodies of water, and property lines that might play a factor in how the job is done.

What used to require your team a site visit to inspect a property can now be done in a few seconds. This saves your team time to focus on other important tasks.

Use high-resolution imagery for accurate details

In addition to accessing information about what a site will look like, use SatQuote to visualize a job site from the office or at home. SatQuote’s NearMap high-resolution imagery provides current aerial images with shaper and more accurate dates than Google. View multiple birds-eye angles to see beneath shadows and trees.

SatQuote’s high-resolution imagery and AI lets you measure and design remotely before a client consultation so you show up prepared and ready to close the deal. Add design elements like trees, shrubs and more to bring your creative vision to life, and use our mobile app to attach photos or notes while onsite.

Create high-quality quotes that sell and win more bids

Not only can SatQuote give you the tool you need to build a high-quality quote—it can help you turn bids around in a snap so you can win the job. Using SatQuote’s high-resolution imagery clearly illustrates a project that looks stunning and professional in a proposal.

With SatQuote’s built-in proposal generator, you can stand out from your competitors with a professional quote ready to email, print or text to your clients for their approval.

Share with clients and others on your team

SatQuote’s AI quickly accesses data and then gives you the ability to share it with your client and team. Add photos, notes, and labels to maps.

This information communicates all the necessary information your team may need to successfully prepare and complete a job. When you go out to a job site or to meet with a client, you can jot down notes or store pictures of the landscape to go with the quote that might provide more information for your team before the day of the project. Sending the information to your client also gives them the opportunity to review the project and get a better idea of what you’re planning.

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Who is SatQuote’s AI technology made for?

SatQuote can be used by anyone in the landscape industry. Whether your company works in landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow removal, mosquito/pest control, irrigation or hardscaping, SatQuote can manage everything your business needs to price and sell more efficiently in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for desktop and mobile.

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