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How Much Does Landscape Company Software Cost?

Software for landscape, lawn care, and other outdoor service companies can be a huge benefit for your business—if you find the right one. Oftentimes, many don’t know how much landscape company software costs. A number of software options are available, but the feature set, customer service, integration options, ease of setup and implementation, and cost are the biggest factors to consider when evaluating a platform. You should know exactly what you’re getting into when subscribing to new software. Factors like initial subscription costs, set-up costs, access to support if you run into an issue, proper training to accurately use the software to its full potential, ease of use, contract length, and future updates are some of the many things that should be considered.

SatQuoteTM is software designed to help landscapers and outdoor service companies measure and understand the properties they are bidding work on, design maintenance and landscape plans, quote work, and sync to external accounting or management systems. Our platform is low cost, we are releasing features at a rapid rate, and we plan to continue to grow into a full stack management platform over time that will allow you to manage not only your measuring and quoting, but also manage and dispatch your service visits and project work.

In this article, you will details that discuss or answer the following:

How Much Does Software for Landscape Management Businesses Cost?

Landscape software costs can range anywhere between Free and $1500 monthly, which makes it really difficult to decide how much you want to budget. The truth is, each landscape software offers something different. Most platforms offer two or more subscription levels based on feature set or company size that allow you to pick the right plan for your business today while allowing an upgrade path as you grow.

For example, SatQuoteTM offers a subscription for $12.50/month, $25/month and $50/month—all of which offer different features ranging from measuring only to a full quoting platform. It all comes down to what your business needs. Taking the time to research various software and membership offerings is crucial because sometimes it can even offer a feature you didn’t know you needed, but it makes your job a whole lot easier. They are often worth the investment due to their time savings, organizational capabilities, and enhanced communication they offer your organization.

What additional Costs Should I Prepare Myself For?

It’s a good idea to evaluate additional costs that might come into play after purchasing outdoor service software. Many times, the subscription isn’t the only money your company will be putting forward.

Depending on the software company, there may be additional costs for hardware, data migration, monthly access to support or software training costs, which is why it’s important to ask these questions before subscribing.

Make sure you know what is included in a quoted price and what isn’t.

SatQuote is simple software that is easy to learn. Our platform is all-inclusive with training and support included at no additional cost. Upon logging in, you’ll find an interactive walkthrough of the software that teaches you how to use the tool. Additionally, Knowledge Base articles offer instructional documentation for using the tool. Our account managers are available to schedule one-on-one training and get your team up to speed.

Our only additional costs are for credits that range from $.04 to $.06 each based on your consumption volume. Credits are used to purchase high-resolution imagery and AI measurement data. You only pay for what you need, and our pricing is very transparent so that you can make an informed decision on what to purchase.

How Much Does Set-uP Cost?

In addition to costs for hardware, data migration, monthly access to support or software training costs comes the potential price for simply setting the software up. Knowing how involved the software company will be in the installation and set-up and how long it will take to get your team up and running will give you a better idea of potential set-up costs in both time and money. Many platforms are very involved and require a lot of training to get your staff able to use it to its full potential and require significant staff time commitments. SatQuote is unique in offering free set-up and being very easy to learn. With SatQuote’s simple, easy-to-use software, all you need to do once you’ve purchased a subscription is log in to your account to get started. If you run into trouble our extensive knowledge base, step by step guides, and support staff will make sure you get on the right track fast.

Is Training Available?

The first step is successfully configuring the software for your business’s needs. Next comes training. Oftentimes, managers and employees cringe at having to learn to use new software. However, with a little patience and time to overcome a small learning curve comes numerous benefits for employees and your business. Some software companies, like SatQuote, truly aren’t all that difficult to use.

Be sure to ask if any training is available with your purchase or if it’ll cost extra. Another thing to keep in mind is knowing what kind of training is offered before purchasing. Will you be learning from recorded, instructional videos? Or will someone with the software company be responsible for showing you how to use the software and answering questions?

With SatQuote, you get the best of both worlds! SatQuote lets you set up demos or walkthrough certain scenarios with someone from SatQuote’s customer support. This is a great time to ask questions relevant to you and your business’s needs.

Along with demos and walk-through scenarios, there are guides within the SatQuote application when you log in. An interactive walk-through will launch with a pop-up segmented into four sections for creating a quote, measuring, designing a quote, and submitting the quote to a client. From A to Z, SatQuote’s all-inclusive features provide businesses with everything they need in one central location without additional or hidden costs.

Will Support be Offered?

This leads us to the next question you should consider asking: will support be offered? Once initial training is complete, you might be on your own. Support is often available throughout the entire duration of your subscription, but will it cost extra?

Even if you’ve finished training and have a good idea of how to use the software, you will likely run into confusion or questions in the future.

With SatQuote, you will find Knowledge Base instructional documentation to walk you through how to use the software for many different scenarios.

Furthermore, a chat box is included in the SatQuote application upon logging in. Enter any questions you may have into the chat box to submit a ticket to support and someone will get back to you shortly.

Will there be Future Updates to the Software?

Realistically, there will always be future updates to the software. If there isn’t it might not be worth purchasing. Technology is constantly changing so for software companies to keep up, they too have to adapt.

However, it’s good to know if you have to pay extra for any future updates. If an update comes around, will you be forced to pay more to keep the same subscription? This may be hard to answer because no one can tell you what’s going to happen in the future. However, it’s a good idea to get a better understanding of your software company’s policy.

SatQuote will not charge extra for any future updates to the software. Aside from the subscription, you will not have to pay any hidden charges or fees.

What’s INcluded in the Different SatQuote PLans?

SatQuote currently offers three different subscription plans to choose from to match your business’s individual needs. Each subscription option offers an annual purchase or monthly payment option. An annual purchase also comes with two additional free months with the purchase.

All three offer a 14-day free trial for you to try out the software and see if it’s right for you as well as 250 free credits, which we will talk about further in the article. All three also let you add up to five users per subscription. Check the different options out below.

SatMeasure : $150/yr ($12.50/mo)

SatMeasure allows you to draw, design, measure areas, and get the basic information needed to complete a project:

  • 5 Users included
  • Draw & Measure Areas
  • Save Projects for Future Use
  • Measure area, perimeter, and volume
  • Access to Hi-Res Maps & AI
  • Export measurements to a CSV

SatMeasure+: $300/yr ($25/mo)

The second option allows you to do everything in the SatMeasure, but it comes with more features to provide more details to your measurements and use them on site with our mobile app.

  • All with SatMeasure features
  • Ability to add customer & job details so that you can personalize each quote to fit each of your client’s needs while managing multiple clients.
  • Add photos, notes, and labels to maps. When you go out to a job site or to meet with a client, you can do things like jot down notes or store pictures of the landscape to go with the quote that might provide more information for your team before the day of the project.
  • Mobile app access so you can make edits, take notes, create proposals, or send them to clients while you’re on the go.
  • Download and save your proposals as PDFs, PNGs, and JPEGs.
  • Access parcel information so that when you create a project at a specific address, you will also receive basic information about whom the property is owned by and the street address.

SatMeasure+: $600/yr ($50/mo)

The most advanced option includes everything in the first two plans plus more. Fall in love with all of SatQuote’s features it has to offer to create professional quotes and win more jobs.

  • Includes SatMeasure & SatMeasure+ Features
  • Allows you to add landscape and maintenance designs to your quote
  • Allows you to create and send PDF quotes to customers
  • Provides details on price and cost management
  • Comes with the ability to email, text, or print quotes
  • Integrates with Quickbooks Online

Other Features:

As previously mentioned, each plan comes with five users with the ability to pay $2.00 for each additional user. For $10 a month, you can also add SMS messaging to your SatQuote subscription for one phone number and an unlimited amount of messages.

Each of the plans above comes with 250 credits. Credits measure the consumption of using Google Maps. For example, looking up an address incurs credit consumption. If a hi-res image is needed, it can be between 5–50 credits depending on the size of the property and the resolution needed (options include low, medium, and super).

SatQuote also offers one-time credit package purchases including:

  • 500 Credits for $30 ($0.06/credit)
  • 5,000 Credits for $250 ($0.05/credit)
  • 50,000 Credits for $2,000 ($0.04/credit)

For more information, visit our page on pricing details.

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