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How to Use Mobile Apps to Your Landscape Company’s Advantage

Mobile apps for phones and tablets complement desktop web-based applications, enabling you to do more on the go without being tied to your laptop or desktop.

Enhanced Efficiency

Landscape measuring, estimation, and design software mobile apps can enhance the efficiency of landscapers and designers by providing them with on-site tools to measure, take notes, upload geo-tagged photos, and collaborate with clients in person.

Improved Communications

Landscape software mobile applications can improve communication between the designer and the labor crew by providing a platform for them to collaborate on the work to be done and quickly show where issues may be for a quick and accurate resolution.

Increased Accessibility

A mobile application makes it easier for landscapers to access their work on the go, whether they are at a job site, meeting with a client, or working remotely. This can increase productivity and enable companies to bid on more work.

Give Satquote Mobile a Try

You can download SatQuote’s mobile app for iOS phones and tablets from the app store by searching for “SatQuote” to enable mobile measuring and communication while on the go.

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