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Introducing SatQuote’s New SatMeasure Free Plan

At SatQuote, we understand that not all users require the same software and want to test-drive before purchasing. That’s why we are excited to offer the SatMeasure Free Plan, an introductory tier tailored to those seeking an affordable entry point to learn more about the SatQuote Suite of products.

What is SatMeasure?

Before diving into the details of the SatMeasure Free, let’s take a moment to explore what SatMeasure is.

SatMeasure is a measurement software for building estimates using various forms of low and high-resolution images, AI generated areas, and many other tools such as design overlays, sharing features to collaborate with customer, and parcel information for access to property information.

SatMeasure Free: What You Need to Know

SatQuote is committed to providing a way to try out our software before committing to a paid plan, and the SatMeasure Free Plan is a testament to that commitment. Here’s what to expect from this new subscription plan:

1. Property Mapping and Measurements

SatMeasure Free offers users access to core measurement platform and tools. With no upfront fees or hidden charges, start leveraging the power of satellite imagery, learning how to use the software, and begin drawing areas and subareas for calculations.

2. Limited Usage for Beginners

Designed with beginners and casual users in mind, the SatMeasure Free Plan provides limited usage that is perfect for getting started. Gain access to a predefined number of property requests per month, allowing you to experiment and explore the capabilities of SatMeasure and SatQuote.

3. Essential Features

Despite being a free tier, users will enjoy access to essential features that are fundamental to beginning property measurements and estimating jobs. Leverage the ability to save projects and customer data in order to return to those properties for continued learning opportunities. The many measurement tools open to help organize and measure your property include cutouts, free hand drawing, and merging areas.

Get Started Today

Ready to try the SatMeasure? Getting started is simple. Visit the pricing page at SatQuote Pricing to learn more about the SatMeasure Free Plan, including detailed information about usage limits and additional features available in higher-tier plans.

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