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New Landscape Software Streamlines Processes

SaaS platform and mobile application are designed to help landscape companies measure, design, quote and win more jobs. Remote measurement and quoting with SatQuote will help your team price work more accurately, save on labor and fuel costs, and deliver a better customer experience. SatMeasure AI instantly measures properties and our NearMap high-resolution imagery gives you current aerial images with shaper and more accurate dates than google. Our mobile app lets your crews and estimators make on-site quoting or project management easy with the ability to GPS measure, place geolocated photos and labels, and see the work to be done on an interactive map.

SatQuote is for those who work in landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow removal, mosquito/pest control, irrigation, or hardscaping. Whether your business is just starting out or you’re a part of a larger company with many branches, SatQuote will save your team time, keep you organized and combine the work of multiple tools in one easy-to-use platform. 


SatQuote has many features that show exactly what will be done and where. Use SatQuote’s designs, measurements, photos and notes to create stunning and professional quotes to share with clients.

SatMeasure AI

Whether you’re on the job site or in the office, SatQuote helps you estimate and bid on prospective jobs. Quickly and easily calculate the area, perimeter or volume of a property to understand material and labor requirements for the job.

  • AI Measuring: Automatically measure properties with a single click
  • Improved imagery: Choose between Google and dated high-res NearMap imagery. View multiple birds-eye angles to see beneath shadows and trees.
  • Parcel boundary: See parcel boundary and owner information of target and surrounding properties in app.
  • Cutouts: Create cutouts to exclude areas such as beds from measurements.
  • Labels, Notes and Photos: Add labels, notes and photos to the map to keep quotes organized and clear.
  • Measurements: Calculate the perimeter, area, and volume of areas by square feet and cubic yards over multiple area groups quickly and easily.
  • Ruler: Quickly measure and see distances between anywhere on the map.
  • Clone: Duplicate areas to make measuring similar areas such as parking lot beds a breeze.

Design & Take-Off

Share your vision with prospective customers with our built-in design library of shapes, segments and fill items that are tied to items or services. As you add items and services to your project’s design, we instantly create a take-off list for your job.

  • PDF and Image Upload: Upload design plans or drone imagery and overlay on the map to scale for take-off and confirmation of accuracy
  • Design Elements:
    • Shapes: Place shape and design elements such as plants, trees, irrigation heads, furniture and other landscape elements.
    • Area: Place items or services calculated on areas such as sod, chemical spray quantities, mowing or aeration.
    • Volume: Place items or services calculated on volume such as yards or tons of aggregates, mulch or pine straw.
    • Segments: Place line segments to determine the distance and quantities needed, such as pipe, fencing, conduit or edging.
  • Instant take-Off: Determine labor and material quantities needed for your designs in real-time using conversion factors.
  • Place Items to scale: See and adjust the sizing and rotation of elements at exact scale on the map.


Take the items and services from your design directly to your quote. Use our advanced item management to add overhead and labor costs to items to estimate profitability and ensure overall project profitability. Design your final quote and print, email or text your quote to your customer.

  • Notes & photos: Selected photos and notes automatically print in quotes by the job or area.
  • Products & services: Clearly show your customers what will be done and were broken down by product or area.
  • Recurring / One-Time jobs: Choose between recurring or one-time templates and customize to the way you sell.
  • Project profitability: See real time project profitability estimates.
  • Share your way – Email / Download / etc.: Share quotes and measurements via download, text or email of PDF and JPEG images.

Operational Efficiency

  • Customer list: Search and store customer info such as name, company, phone and email.
  • Quote list: Save, view and manage quotes easily whether on the web or mobile app.
  • Manage users and easily add and remove employees/permissions: Five users are free with each plan, and additional users are just $2.00/mo.
  • Location management for enterprise users: Manage multiple branch offices or locations with a single account while providing user access control to employees of each branch.
  • iOS mobile app: Create measurements using GPS, add notes and take photos while onsite to make quoting easier when you get back to the office.
  • Works with tablets: Using SatQuote onsite with a tablet and pen is easy and convenient.


From basic measurement to design and build, SatQuote gives landscape businesses all the tools needed to estimate and quote jobs. SatQuote is a useful tool for anyone working with industries like landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow removal, mosquito/pest control, irrigation or hardscaping.

For information on pricing packages and what best fits your business’s needs, click here.

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